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Sand Dollars along Myrtle Beach

Searching for Sand DollarsOne of our beach’s finest treasures is finding totally intact sand dollars. Our kayak tours to Waties Island provide your entire family an opportunity to find plenty of these treasures on your tour.

Unlike the sea shells along Myrtle Beach, which are members of the mollusk family, sand dollars are closely related to sea urchins. They are also known as the “keyhole” urchin for its small, keyhole-shaped holes on its perimeter.

Sand dollars live just below the low tide line, and can be best found here either on, or just under the sand. When they are alive, they are covered in a coat of velvety, green or reddish-brown spines. These spines are how sand dollars move along the shore. If you come upon a sand dollar with these spines, run your hand gently over them. If the spines move, you have found a live sand dollar. It is illegal to take a live sand dollar from its habitat, so we recommend placing it gently back into the water along the tide line.

Collecting sand dollars on your Myrtle Beach kayak tour means searching for the grey discs that serve as the animal’s skeleton. They can be easily cleaned and bleached to resemble the white sand colored sand dollars that many people purchase at local gift stores. The process is simple: soak your treasures in a large bucket and flush until the water runs clear. Then allow to sit in a combination of 3:1 bleach and water (don’t forget gloves and eye protection).Sand Dollars In Myrtle Beach

Kayaking and collecting sand dollars can be a treat for every member of your family, and is one of the most relaxing things to do in Myrtle Beach. When you book your Myrtle Beach Kayak tour with Glass Bottom Kayak Tours, you are booking an adventure for the whole family.

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