Myrtle Beach Kayaking Tips and Tricks

Renting Vs Tours

Heading through the salt water marshes of Cherry Grove is a neat experience. As you paddle along in your kayak, birds fly above in flocks and fish swim below in schools or jump up along side you. The twists and turns of the marsh provide anticipation, and sometimes worry, as you wind through the salt marsh grasses.  Getting lost in the marsh or kayaking during the wrong time of the tide cycle can mean your trip can turn from a time of relaxation to one of panic very quickly.

The tide can be your friend in the marsh, but a small misjudgment can leave you scraping the bottom of your boat, or worse yet, departing the safety of your boat and hoofing it through the razor-sharp oyster beds, and knee-deep pluff mud in an attempt to get back home safely.

Neither of these scenarios are fun. Who wants to spend their precious vacation time tired, dirty, and miserable?

That’s why when people ask us if we rent kayaks in our Myrtle Beach location, the answer is almost always, “No.”Myrtle Beach Kayak Tours

If you look at all of notable companies along the Grand Strand renting kayaks, you see a consistent price of around $30 to $50 for a kayak for anywhere from 2-4 hours. For the same amount of money as renting a kayak in Myrtle Beach, you can take a tour through the salt marshes with a knowledgeable guide who has scheduled your trip for the best sights, and tides.

Additionally, renting a kayak in Myrtle Beach often means you will need to personally go to the shop (fighting summer traffic all the way), load the boat, strap down the boat, handle the boat alone at the landing, load it back up, strap it back down, and fight Myrtle Beach traffic all the way back to the shop. After all of that is said and done, you get to clean your car from your excursion. You day has just gone from relaxing to stressful, messy, and exhausting. Why not leave the heavy lifting to the professionals?

With a guided Myrtle Beach kayaking tour, your boat will be waiting for you at the kayak ramp, ready for you to slip into the cockpit for a gentle nudge into the water. Your paddle and personal flotation device will already be set to go, and one of our knowledgeable and experienced guides will join you for a safe, relaxing, and informative tour.

As you can see, one of our guided tours through the salt marshes of Myrtle Beach makes the most sense for families who are vacationing along the Grand Strand. Kayaking should be an experience you and your family remember for all of the right reasons, and taking a guided kayak tour allows you to focus on the important things: friends, family, and making memories.

We’ve priced our guided tours to start below the cost of a rental. Check out our schedule online, or call us to get setup. We can’t wait to see you out there soon!

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