Myrtle Beach Kayaking Tips and Tricks

Paddling Basics

IMAG2791Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Myrtle Beach on your vacation. At Glass Bottom Kayak Tours, we want you enjoy your time on the water, and proper paddling techniques help make sure your kayak tour keeps you as dry as possible.

The first part of paddling your kayak correctly is to make sure that you stay in front of your hips. Pushing your kayak paddle past your hips can move a paddler off of their center of gravity, and possible in the water. Place your paddle in the water ahead of you, and pull towards you, bringing the paddle head out of the water right next to you.

The second step to ensuring that your Myrtle Beach kayak tour is as enjoyable as possible is keeping your hands balanced. When sitting in your kayak, make sure that your hands are staying on their half of the kayak, and avoid putting both hands over to one side. It is best to think of a line running up and down, dividing your kayak into halves. Keep your hands on their side of the kayak, and that way your weight stays evenly distributed in your kayak.

Lastly, make sure that your kayak paddle head is kept straight.  When holding your kayak paddle straight, you should be able to see the entire face of the paddle. This way, when you paddle your kayak, it is getting the proper amount of water resistance, and pushing you forward safely.

At Glass Bottom Kayak tours, we want you to enjoy kayaking in Myrtle Beach just as much as we do, and we want you to enjoy it safely. We hope these tips will help you stay dry on your Myrtle Beach kayak tour.

See you on the water!

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