Myrtle Beach Kayaking Tips and Tricks

Kayaking Safety

Kayak Tours in Myrtle BeachKayaking is one of the safest sports. The chances of injury during your Myrtle Beach Kayak tour are extremely small, but safety is always a factor anytime water is involved because if an injury does occur, the situation can become very serious, very quickly.

The first rule for safe paddling while on a kayak tour with us in Myrtle Beach is that alcohol and kayaking do not mix. Alcohol is a major factor in many boating accidents, kayaking included. That is why we strictly prohibit the use of drugs and alcohol while on any of our Myrtle Beach Kayak tours.

Secondly, Personal flotation devices (P.F.D.s) are critical to ensuring your safety while on a kayak tour. Every participant on our tours is given the use of a properly fitted P.F.D., and  an emergency whistle. And we ask that you wear them throughout your kayak tour with us.

Dressing properly for weather conditions is also important when kayaking in Myrtle Beach. Weather along our coast can change quickly, and it is always good to have an extra layer of clothing close by. It is always better to be too warm, than too cold.

We also ask that for safety’s sake, you keep your kayak close to shore. Traffic in and around our waterways can be hectic. As temperatures rise, everyone, it seems is out on the water. Staying close to shore keeps you out of the way of boat and personal watercraft traffic.

Safety is in numbers when it comes to your kayak tour, and we ask that all members of our party stay in close range to one and other. Your guide will generally move from the front of your party to the back on a regular basis to make sure that everyone is together in one area.

Our goal at Glass Bottom Kayak Tours is to make your experience one of the best things you do on your vacation. Kayaking in Myrtle Beach is generally a safe activity, and our job is to ensure the safety of each member of your party.




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