Myrtle Beach’s #1 Eco-Tour Choice for Families.

Canoeing KayakingWith a lifetime of experience kayaking the marshes in and around Myrtle Beach, we’re able to take you on a kayaking adventure that is safe, and fun, for the entire family. Glass Bottom Kayak Tours offers a variety of trips to get you out into nature and away from the hustle of traffic and crowds that can make Myrtle Beach stressful at times. Our Waites Island Kayak Shelling Tour takes you through the marshes of Cherry Grove before dropping you on a private island full of shells and open beaches. Our Waccamaw River Tour meanders through a nature preserve that will make you feel like you are miles away from civilization. And, our most popular Kayak Tour in Myrtle Beach is our Cherry Grove Salt Water Marsh kayaking trip that glides you through a fun, family adventure. Call us, or check out our schedule online. Pick a date, and let’s go. We’ll meet you at the launch site with your kayak ready to go.

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Myrtle Beach Kayaking Tours

We offer a variety of Kayak Tours. Our most popular is our family friendly Cherry Grove Sea Marsh Kayak Tour. This is fantastic for a short, manageable trip for everyone in your group. Our Private Island Day Trip Kayaking Tour is a great way to get away from the crowds of Myrtle Beach and see the natural environment as it existed decades ago. We'll venture out to a completely undeveloped barrier island for a day of shelling, and cruising. One of the local favorites is our Waccamaw River Tour. This is a drift tour, and your kayak will move with the current. This is close enough to the Myrtle Beach area to minimize driving time, and still allow you to immerse your group into nature. Our most popular trips are listed below. To sign up for any one of our Kayaking Tours, just click the link and head over to our FareHarbor booking page. Or, you can call us if you have a question.

Kayak The Blue Heritage

Wacammaw River Tour

Wacammaw River Tour

From$25/per person

  • 2.5-3 Hour Trip
  • Shuttle up River to Launch Site
  • Easy, With Current, Paddling
  • Wildlife Central
  • Trip Photos Posted Online
  • Kayaks ready upon arrival
  • Guided Tour
  • Flotation & Signal Device
  • Bathrooms at parking & tour end locations
  • Tandem Kayaks Available
  • Waccamaw River Tour


Our Most Popular Family Tour

Cherry Grove Salt Marsh Tour

Cherry Grove Salt Marsh Tour

From$25/per person

  • 2.5 Hour Trip
  • Perfect For Families
  • Abundant Wildlife
  • Gentle, With Tide, Paddling
  • Kayaks Ready upon your arrival
  • Guided Tour
  • Trip Photos Posted Online
  • Flotation & Signal Device
  • Bathrooms at Launch Site
  • Tandem Kayaks Available
  • Cherry Grove Salt Marsh Tour


A Day of Kayak Fun

Private Island Shelling Tour

Private Island Shelling Tour

From$30/per person

  • 3.5 – 4  Hour Trip
  • Family Friendly Fun
  • Private Beach
  • Private Shelling Beach
  • Trip Photos Posted Online
  • Kayaks Ready Upon Arrival
  • Guided Tour
  • Flotation & Signal Device
  • Bathrooms at Parking Site (or the ocean)
  • Tandem Kayaks Available
  • Private Island Kayak & Shelling Tour


Frequently Asked Questions

Which trips are best for families

Myrtle-Beach-Eco-ToursAll of our kayak trips are family friendly. But, our most popular trip for families is our 2.5 hour Cherry Grove Sea Marsh Tour. We’ll kayak as a group along the Heritage Shores Nature Preserve, winding through the channels among beautiful birds, jumping fish, occasional dolphins and other marine life. This is an easy paddle for kayakers and we schedule our trip to take advantage of the tides.

What should we bring?

There’s Myrtle Beach Kayakinga list, of course. We recommend that you bring sunscreen, water, snacks, and protective clothing (depending on the season). In case you need to step out of your kayak at some point, we recommend closed toe and heeled shoes. A hat is useful for some people as well. We’ll provide the flotation vests, but if you have one that you are comfortable with, bring it. Oh, and don’t forget your camera.

Where do you launch?

Canoeing in Myrtle BeachWe have two locations for our Myrtle Beach kayak trips. Our sea marsh and private island kayak tours launch from the public boat ramp in the Cherry Grove section of North Myrtle Beach. This puts you right in the middle of the action, without a long, tiring paddle. It’s instant immersion in nature.

Our Waccamaw River Kayak Tours meet at the public boat landing on Hwy 9. A shuttle will deposit you up-river where your kayaks are already setup and waiting with your kayak guide. Your trip meanders down the river before finishing at your cars, allowing for a relaxing and easy departure. Don’t worry, we handle all of the lifting of the kayaks, you just enjoy yourself.

How do we book a trip?

fareThe easiest way to sign up is right here, online. We’ve partnered with FareHarbor to provide a safe and secure online registration system for our Myrtle Beach Kayak Tours. Just head over to our registration page and start the process. You’ll find a calendar of upcoming kayak tours and departure times as well.

If you are looking for our Cherry Grove Sea Marsh Tour, book here.. If you are looking for our Private Island Day Tour, book here. If you are looking for our Waccamaw River Tour, book here.


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Tips and Tricks for Kayaking in Myrtle Beach

We grew up kayaking in the waters around the Myrtle Beach area. Kayaking, canoeing, surfing, and rafting. And when a friend showed up with an inflatable dolphin, we jumped on it to see if we could paddle it into the surf or the marsh. Summer afternoons were spent gathering clams or oysters (when we didn't know anything about federal harvest dates). We'd cast shrimp nets, fishing lines, and crab lines, just to see what we would get. We know these waters, and we know this area. Below are just a few of the things we've learned along the way.

Kayking in North Myrtle Beach